Java RESTful Engine Performance

This article outlines some Java RESTful Engine load tests that we ran.

Performance Tests#

For these tests, we used two different "sized" virtual machines on AWS. These are the specifications of the VMs we used:

CPU Credits/ hour1236
Mem (GiB)28
Network PerformanceLow - ModerateModerate

The tests consisted of sending about 16 requests per second for 1 minutes (~1000 requests). We measured the time from for first request to the time of the final document becoming ready on the disk. So the time it takes to post and process 1000 requests. Here are the results we found after running the tests.

Performance Test Results#

Version 22.4.*#

Run 1 (Document/ second)1.632.75
Run 2 (Document/ second)1.672.62
Run 3 (Document/ second)1.522.60
Average (Document/ second)1.602.63